Looking for the absolute best in gutter protection?  The new to the market Hydro Flo Micromesh Clean Mesh Gutter Guard is the one, developed after years of painstaking product testing and 100% made in the U.S.A.  Designed to work with K-Style and box gutters, its marine grade stainless steel mesh is extremely effective against small debris, including pine needles.  The mesh is bonded over a high-strength 3105 aluminum frame for added strength.  

The aluminum panel isn’t just a flat strip, it has a rain-siphoning slotted hole system for handling the heaviest rains as well as stiffening ribs to prevent the panel from bending or warping over time.  Most others offer only an offset louver system that is prone to clogging.

The Hydro Flo guard works on homes with traditional roofs of all materials, low to high pitches, flat roofs on commercial building applications, as well as Super Gutters on homes with screen enclosures and pool cages.